Six Men Stand in Line to Create Hypnotic Drumline Using Only Their Bodies

Percussive music has been part of our culture for centuries. Usually, we witness such sound in concerts or events, but in 2019, we came across an amazing choreographed routine of body percussion.

The six gather in line to showcase their percussive routines as the audience feasts their eyes.

For those, who are unaware of the term, Body percussion is the method of using one’s body to produce sound. For decades it has been a cultural practice and artistic discipline. Its origin can be traced back to the mines of South Africa. The workers communicated with the use of sounds and rhythms.

The clip below captures one of many ways to of body percussions.  From clapping hands to snapping fingers, these gentlemen put on quite an entertaining show. The group moves in sync perfecting every sound they create along the way.

Please press play and enjoy. Do share your thoughts in the scenario. 

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