3 Women Sit Down to Sing a Christmas Carol. Now Pay Attention to Their Lyrics

Christmas is coming and with it the wonderful Christmas carols. There isn’t a shop or mall that wouldn’t put out Christmas decorations way ahead of time. And also the neverending loop of Christmas carols throughout December.

I’m sure you’ve heard hundreds of Christmas carols and songs every year. But this Christmas song is a bit different, and let’s say more honest. Three ladies with the name Fascinating Aïda sings a Christmas carol as you’ve never heard before. And let us warn you, it’s explicit content.

funny christmas carol

The three women sit beside a piano, and they start to sing a Christmas song. But before you think it’s an innocent Christmas song, pay close attention to the lyrics again. And you’ll know why we said it’s explicit content. And if you’re a child under 18, maybe change the song?

WATCH the hilarious video below.

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