Young Singer Performs Emotional Rendition of “Moon River” – And Melts the Internet’s Heart

Moon River is one of those songs that everyone remembers as a song sung in a famous movie by the most loved actress of all time. Audrey Hepburn really made people fall in love with her elegance and feature in this beautiful song.

With time, the song has become more popular and people are loving the song more than ever. This beautiful song rendition really will make you fall in love with the little girl. The little girl who is singing this song is only 7 years old. The girl has the voice of an angel. She sings as if the song is made just for her to sing.

There are not many kids as young as her who can sing the song so well. Sophie Fatu really makes you feel like you’re in heaven listening to an emotional rendition of a classic song. Her velvety voice sounds a little mature for her age but we are not complaining at all. She really blessed the world with an amazing cover.

This is something we didn’t know we needed but really did. Watch the full video below!

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