Woman Posts Strange Security Footage Of ‘Ghost’ Removing Dog’s Collar

Paranormal activities are those events that are beyond scientific understanding. A lot of people believe in ghosts or such supernatural activities. While there is no explanation backed by science for such contexts, they are often described in folk culture.

It is also believed that animals can sense any sort of paranormal activity happening around them. This story also shares a similar context. Shannyfantg, a TikTok user shared the footage showing her dog’s collar removed mysteriously for which she believes is an act of ghost.

The security footage Shannyfantg shared with the world, there are two dogs in her home in separate kennels. The dogs were constantly barking for quite a time after which they were completely silent.

Something surprising happened after that- one of the dog’s collars got removed mysteriously. The dog also seemed to be spooked. After watching this video clip, several people argued that it could be a paranormal activity while some of them claimed it to be an edited video. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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