Swing dance was a phenomenal hit during the 1920s and 1940s, also famously known as swing-era. With time, the dance form has gained more attention and improvisation. The fun part Swing dance can be performed by anyone with no age restrictions. Hence, it gives many individuals the confidence to get up on the dance floor.

Similar to the clip featuring below. Jack and Jasmine Willis, for many, the name does strike a familiarity, and yes, they are the Willis clan. They say it all runs in the blood, and that couldn’t be more true. These siblings, at the age of 6 and 13, are incredibly talented. The two walk into the dance and immediately take their position.

As the song plays in the background, Jack initiates the dance giving us some Jazzy moves. Gradually Jasmine joins in, adding more grace to the performance. The choreography itself is awe-inspiring; they sure did practice to perfection. As they move forward, they stun the crowd with even more exciting twirls and fancy footwork. Swing dance is all about having fun, and these two surely are doing it right.

Please press play and enjoy these fantastic dancing skills.

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