Genius 8 Month Old Finds a Way to Climb Off the Bed by Himself

It is truly amazing to witness how a baby grows day by day. One week they are this tiny tot, and the very next week, they have grown inches. Not only that, they master skills in no time.

According to experts, babies develop multiple ways to think, communicate, and solve problems in their first year. The growth is both physical and mental simultaneously. The year is very crucial as babies are equally fragile during this time. Therefore, they need proper attention, diet, and movement.

The PBC Expo states, Babies who gain enough exercise during the first year will develop better coordination, problem-solving capability, and perception with age. Similar to our little guy in the clip. Initially, we witness him crawl toward the edge of the bed.

Once he reaches the edge, he wobbles a little turning his back-side right up. Typically, parents hold the baby during such cases. But the parents are confident in the baby’s effort. I was even rooting for the little guy. To everyone’s surprise, the baby dangles his feet in the air. Furthermore, he is holding on to the comforter he narrowed his landing. Voila! The technique works. He crawls the rest of the way. Watch the short video clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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