Nasty Kidnapper Runs Away With Toddler But Then This 8-year-old Starts Screaming…

We hear numerous cases of child abduction and kidnapping all the time. And as a witness, it is sometimes hard to process everything that goes down. So it’s understandable that your mind can go blank and you’re unable to think straight. But when you see your sibling being kidnapped right before your eyes, what would you do?

10-year-old Brenden and 8-year-old Delicia faced the same situation when a man abducted their 22-month-old brother Owen right before their eyes. As they were kids, it’s easy for us to assume that they did nothing or maybe cried in that situation. But what they did was heroic and praiseworthy.

kidnapper caught on camera

The three kids were playing in a park in Sprague, Washington. They were outside of their babysitter’s house when a familiar-looking man came in close and started talking. But before you knew it, he grabbed Owen and flee. However, he would’ve never thought that the two kids would run after him trying to save their brother.

The video footage shows the man running with a child. And right after that, Delicia follows. Than comes Brenden with an empty stroller chasing the kidnapper. Delicia went with her instinct and screamed as she chased the man with her baby brother. Soon, people around got a hint of what’s going on. The kidnapper was helpless, so he eventually set the baby down and ran off. But the police have identified him and charged him with second-degree kidnapping. And Owen is safe with his brave siblings.

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