Dog Notices She Is Being Filmed. Now Wait Till You See Her Next Move

Humans have adapted well to technology. But our doggy friends are still figuring it out. Some of them actually enjoy technologies like TVs and cameras. But some of them don’t. Take for example the pooch featured in the video below! This Shetland sheep dog is really confused by her owner’s webcam. Her reaction will crack you up for sure!

According to her owner, she was taking a picture of her dog when the pooch started growling at her Mac’s camera light. So she decided to catch the dog in the act. The result? I couldn’t stop laughing! The dog looks baffled as she stares at the screen and back at her owner. She is probably trying to decipher which one is real.

Watch this hilarious video below! Did this make you smile? Let us know what you think in the comments!

[ytvid id=”ITL8gTUq29k”]

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