This Shelter Dog Was Deprived of Food and Love. Until This Woman Came Along and Changed It’s Life!

Amongst all dog breeds, the Shar-Pei is one of the fascinating ones! This type of dog has deep wrinkly skin, and some even have blue-black tongues. Originating from China, its name translates to mean “sandy skin” in English.  Moreover, it was even the rarest breed during the ’70s as there were only 60 of them on the entire planet!

I understand that some people like keeping exotic dog breeds as pets. But unless you are sure that you can take care of them, you should not jump to getting them. Unfortunately, this poor pup has been through a lot by the time she’s in the shelter. Violet is so skinny with ribs poking out that she looks sickly. Moreover, she is terrified of humans. You can see that she’s been deprived of love until she meets her new foster Mom!


When Whitney Cummings first met Violet, she was jumpy and severely underweight. Slowly, the sweet dog came out of her shell. In just three months, the pup completely transforms! Now, she loves cuddling and playing with Whitney and her foster siblings. Furthermore, she even finds a forever family who will love her endlessly! Watch her video below:

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