They have been an amazing dancing duo since 1981, their moves are phenomenal!

The incredible duo featured in the video below is going to put a smile on your face! Jackie McGee and Charlie Womble are two of the best shag dancers in South Carolina. Shag is a dance form which is most commonly known amongst South Carolinians who have grown up hearing about it. Over the years, Jackie and Charlie have won a lot of competitions as a couple. They have even earned a place in the “Shaggers Hall of Fame”.

They have been dancing together as an official duo since 1981. They took part in over 300 competitions and won many awards, including the National Shag Dance overall competition for nine out of 10 years! More than a couple of their videos have already gone viral. The video below features one of their earlier performances. Wait till you see how amazing they are!

Watch the video below!

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