Street harassment has always been a big issue. In fact, it is a type of crime. Many fall victim to street harassment on a daily basis. Men, women, elderly, children – no one is exempt from a bully’s eyes. However, most reported cases of harassment usually involve women. We have seen a lot of awareness campaigns carried out to prevent this from happening. Some of us have even participated in such campaigns, but rarely anything works nowadays.

Sadly, harassment has not stopped. If not dealt with properly, it can actually lead to life-threatening situations. Most of us might be lucky enough to not experience it, but you should never take chances when it comes to your own protection, right? The video below shares with you a self-defense technique that might help you when a violent situation occurs. Everyone should be prepared for their own safety and should at least know the basics behind protecting themselves.

The duo in the clip will teach you how to defend yourself from a frontal choke against a wall. Be sure to keep it in your mind; it may be of good use to you someday! Watch the video below. What are your opinions on this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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