He Chokes and Slams Her Against A Wall – Here’s How a Young Girl Can Get Away

It’s a sad fact that many people, particularly women and girls, are going to someday be faced with a situation where someone attempts to choke them–specifically a frontal choke where someone holds them against the wall by the throat. And the attacker is often someone larger and stronger than they are, which can lead to some terrible consequences if it is not stopped quickly.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 4,000 women die annually from strangulation or suffocation in the United States alone. The video below shares a self-defense technique that might help you when this type of violent situation occurs. Everyone should be prepared for their own safety and should at least know the basics behind protecting themselves.

The duo in the clip teach how to defend yourself from a frontal choke against a wall. Rather than try to pull down on the attackers arms, they show how it is much better to place your arms inside the attacker’s elbows and use them to blast outward, breaking the attacker’s grip. Be sure to keep it in your mind; it may be of good use to you someday!

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