A Cop Pulled Them Over During a Snowfall, But They Had No Idea What Was in Store

Driving can be frustrating sometimes…but it’s especially annoying when its winter. People who live around cold regions know exactly what I am talking about. The weather is chilling, the temperature is uncomfortable, and what can I say about the road conditions….they are the worst! On top of that, poor visibility is beyond maddening!

How do you think you would fee when a police cruiser comes around and asks you to pull over when going through such situations? The people in the video went through something like this, but the cruiser isn’t the carrier of bad news….it is actually there to make their day ten times more amazing! Watch what the police department of the city of Lowell did after pulling people over! This is simply amazing!

Watch this touching video below. This made my day, how did you feel? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

[ytvid id=”mlnxajQrL8w”]

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