Diver Had No Idea What Seal Wanted, Until He Took His Hand

Marine life is really incredible, and as it turns out, we don’t know even half about it. More than 95% of the oceans still remains to be explored. The human race knows more about space than we do about the creatures that live deep below the water. The oceans are homes to many fascinating creatures. Some can be beyond terrifying, but some are rather cute.

Dolphins and orcas are gorgeous creatures. And the same can be said about seals and sea lions. Seals are some of the most adorable animals on planet earth. Many people even consider them to be the aquatic version of a dog. The video below features a very close encounter a scuba diver had with a friendly little seal.

When the seal approached the man, he assumed that he wanted something from him, but he had no idea exactly what he was looking for. After a few minutes, the seal rolled over to show off his belly. Then the diver realized that he wanted a belly rub.

However, the cute seal wasn’t satisfied with a short belly rub. He kept on asking for more! He even took a hold of the diver’s hand and directed it to his belly! Just imagine how incredible that experience must have been for the man! He probably won’t forget it for the rest of his life! Check out the amazing encounter below!

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