Man Finds a Sea Lion Napping on His Convertible – So, Comes With a Risky Bribe

When you find a sea lion taking a nap on your car, what should you do? Call for help? Lure him out? Or simply let him? I’ve never had a sea lion on my car but these onlookers on Freeland, WA did get to see it on one man’s car.

Roberto takes center stage in a viral video as he lounges on top of a convertible parked in a parking garage near the port. There are always a lot of sea lions at this port, and even though they’re used to seeing people, the locals warn people not to get too close.

sea lion napping

There was a single sea lion sleeping on the roof of a convertible in what appears to be a parking lot near the bay. Everyone had two questions in mind. How is he in the car, and how did he even get there?! Ultimately, Richard Tesore, Director of the SOS Marina Fauna Center, was summoned to assist in luring Roberto back to port.

According to Tesore, “when the water level in the port rises, the sea lions don’t have anywhere to rest, so they will leave their area in search of other places to lay.”

Let’s hope the car’s owner took it to a mechanic after a sea lion weighing around 200 pounds attempted to climb inside. Watch the sea lion’s adventure here in the video:

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