5 Women Start in a Line but Watch What the One on the Far Left Does…

Rhythmic gymnastics is a fascinating sport. While some of us don’t even know the art of walking properly, gymnasts can twist and jump and perform unbelievable flips and what not! The video below features Spain’s rhythmic gymnastics routine during the 2012 OG Qualifications in London and it is AWESOME. These incredible ladies are going to make your jaw drop to the ground!

Rhythmic gymnastics has a long and fascinating history. It began in Europe in the late 19th century and was originally known as a type of physical education for women. It was created to give women a form of exercise that was both enjoyable and beneficial. The sport was initially used as a way to improve coordination, flexibility, and grace.

It was not until the 1940s, however, that the sport began to take on its modern form. At this time, the apparatus used was changed to include ribbons, hoops, balls, ropes, and clubs. In the 1950s, the International Gymnastics Federations officially recognized and began to govern the sport.

It looks like a regular performance at first, but within a few seconds, it turns into something unreal! The moment they start throwing those balls around, it is spellbinding. Their rhythmic synchronization is out of the world, and their flexibility and coordination is laudable. Just imagine how much they practiced for this one performance!

Watch this jaw-dropping routine in the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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