Robert Irwin Follows Dad’s Footsteps and Captures Incredibly Rare Species on Film

Robert Irwin is a spitting image of his Dad Steve Irwin. However, over the years he has been carving his own name. Moreover, the 16-year-old is already an award-winning photographer and an incredible conservationist. And this clip of him in action shows precisely why everyone loves him so much!

Australia is a hotspot for animals you can’t find anywhere else. Everyone knows about Koalas and Kangaroos. But fewer people know about Tasmanian Devils and Flying-Foxes! But the teen is on a mission to find something rare. It’s so rare, in fact, no one has filmed one in the wild!

robert irwin rare

In the clip he posted on twitter, Robert is in the natural habitat of the critically endangered species. Here, you can see the resemblance with his father is clear as he traces around the terrain. It’s uncanny! After searching for it thick and thin, he finally comes across something. He quietly brings the camera closer and what he finds is so shocking! But wait— he spots something nearby that’s even rarer than what he came to find! Watch below, to find out what it is:

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