Robber Returns Money to Woman After Seeing Her Bank Account Was Empty

During the pandemic, hate crime has been at its peak in different countries. This unpredictable nature of violence never comes knocking on the door. Furthermore, getting robbed these days is as simple as it gets. Petty thieves trying to make the most by stealing and robbing innocent people is not new.

However, these very criminals feeling sorry for their victims. Well, that’s entirely new and rarely happens in the modern world. Unless you are watching Disney movies where the villains never get the girl. Okay, let’s get to the actual topic here. The clip featuring below unfolds one of such staggering moments.


A woman makes her way to ATM to withdraw some cash. Within seconds a thief with a knife walks in demanding the cash she just withdrew. Trying to avoid any further inconvenience, the woman hands out the cash. However, the thief wanting more loot demands to check her bank balance. Once he realizes she is broke, the thief gives the money back to the woman with a smile. Please press play and watch a moral notion from a crook.

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