Dog Runs Away From Home To Go To His Favorite Place

The news that your pet has gone missing is the last thing any pet owner wants to hear. Countless thoughts might run on our minds. Where could they be? Have they even eaten anything yet? Maybe some street dogs are bullying them, or worse if they ran into traffic… Cause we know that the outside world could be very dangerous for our little pooch.

But this little doggo made headlines with his sharp navigating pour. 5-year-old Golden Retriever named Riley went missing last week.


The family’s dog opened the gate and ran away from the yard. The family nearly panicked, but before they had time to react, they received a phone call. Riley had been coming to the dog daycare, which was more than a mile away from his house!

Riley had a regular daycare routine since he was a puppy, and he just wanted to catch up with his friends on that particular day. Watch the full sunny story here:

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