Talented ‘Rabbi Brothers’ Perform a Masterpiece From the 60s – They’re Amazing

The duo Simon and Garfunkel (Paul and Art, respectively) were a pretty big deal during the 1960s and “Sound of Silence” was one of their biggest hits. Strangely enough, the song (originally written by Simon) and recorded as an acoustic in 1964 didn’t do so well. But it was remixed with electric guitars and other enhancements, released again without the duo’s knowledge in 1965, and raced up the charts.

Simon said the song was inspired by a trip to England, where he found himself surrounded by the “overwhelming silence” of the English countryside. The lyrics of the song are a reflection of the feelings of isolation and alienation that Simon felt during his trip.

This duo, who bill themselves as The Rabbi Brothers, is comprised of brothers Avi and Moshe Kogen. They are best known for their a cappella renditions of Jewish and Israeli folk music, but here they came to an Israeli TV show called The Rising Stars and performed a beautiful rendition of “Sound of Silence” with instruments. Their performance left the entire room with thrills.

These musicians are not only talented but also respectful of their country and culture. They wear cultural costumes throughout their performance. These brothers give an absolutely phenomenal performance which makes everyone in the crowd stand up after their performance–they’ve come a long way from singing in the streets! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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