You Can Make This “Snowy” Diy This Christmas. No Matter the Weather!

Christmas doesn’t always look like it does in the movies. Far from being a white Christmas, the weather might not always be the best. In some places, it’s even sweltering hot during this time of year. This means no sleds or snowmen!

However, people still manage to get into the holiday spirit. They do this by thinking of different ways of decorating their homes. The video shows an excellent way to make a snowman. All you need are pumpkins!

pumpkin snowman diy

Yes, pumpkins are not just reserved for Halloween anymore. Further, this easy DIY project will inspire you to get into the Christmas mood. Just paint the pumpkins white, stack them together, and add a few details. Use up all your leftover pumpkins before they spoil! You will have just as much fun as when you’re making a real snowman. Watch the video below to learn how to make a realistic snowman:

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