Son Won’t Get Job, So ‘Psycho’ Dad Shreds His Video Games With a Lawn Mower!

Warning: Explicit language in video!

Parents are always concerned about their kid’s careers and mental health, especially when they are teenagers. But no matter how hard the parents try, some kids don’t want to get out of their rooms. This is especially true for kids who play–or may even be addicted to playing–video games.

This man got so tired of his son sitting in front of his computer, he decided to put an end to it.  Dad brings out all the son’s video games into the yard and prepares to run a lawnmower over them. In his room he posted a sign: “Get a JOB! Get a LIFE!! No more GAMES!!! – Dad”

Needless to say, the gaming-addicted son goes off the deep end when he finds all his games missing. He goes running to the yard and sees the pile of games and the lawnmower.

While the son tries his best to stop his dad, the dad is not listening. He tells the son he can play games but has to get a job. The dad seems very angry and fed up with his teen son. After all his CD players are ruined, the son starts cussing and crying out loud. He even tries to pick up the shredded games.

There’s no follow up so we don’t know what happened. Apparently this struck a chord with a lot of parents, however, because it has gained over 45 million views on the internet. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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