Proud Mama Ferret Wanted to Show Off Her Babies, So She Grabbed Her Owner’s Hand

Back in the day, there weren’t many sorts of pets to choose from. The most common were cats and dogs, followed by birds like parrots and parakeets. Fish enthusiasts would also keep aquariums for their aquatic pals. But these days, people keep all sorts of pets. Hedgehogs, chameleons, snakes and even spiders like tarantulas are slowly being kept as pets. Ferrets are also pets that aren’t all that common, but they have made a place for themselves in homes.

Ferrets are really fluffy and fun to be around. They can be really playful, and for people who have that kind of nature, they make the perfect pets. Ferrets can get really attached to their respective humans as well. Just take a look at the one in the following video. This adorable ferret had just given birth to her litter of babies, and she had a really priceless reaction to it indeed.

This mama ferret was so excited about her babies that she couldn’t help but show them off to her owner! She had delivered them in a little box, and she was so eager to show them to her human that she literally dragged his hand over to the box to show them off to him. Even if he retracted his hand, the proud mama kept holding it and dragging it back to the box! You can’t help but smile at her antics!

Having a pet in the house really livens things up, don’t you agree? It must be really fun being with this adorable ferret every day!

Check out this amazing video below:

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