Porcupine Finds A Special Christmas Treat Under The Tree

I love the tradition of keeping gifts under the Christmas tree. I think it makes the gift-giving that much more special. However, people don’t limit giving presents to just their family members. More precisely, not only their human family members.

Teddy bear is an adorable porcupine. He is as sweet as he is prickly. So, to show love and appreciation to this wonderful pet, his Mom has a huge surprise set for him under the Christmas tree. Furthermore, it’s his favorite treat— corn!

porcupine corn

When Teddy finds his favored snack on a silver platter, he can’t contain his excitement. The prickly animal digs right into it. Additionally, the sounds he makes to show his thankfulness is so cute. Teddy squeaks and talks as he devours his ear of corn. We can’t get over the way he holds the corn with his hands and gobbles it up. Watch as Teddy finishes his Christmas meal below:

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