As He Flew the Helicopter Off of the Trailer, a Strong Wind Blew Through…

Here’s a scary video where the pilot tries to perform a simple maneuver–moving the helicopter off of the trailer down to the parking lot–but the helicopter got a way from him and ended up crashing.

The pilot, Bill Denio, was an experienced police helicopter pilot although he was retired at the time. Danio said it was straight-line wind that caused the helicopter to crash. Some analysts said it was most likely pilot error. Official investigations, however, concluded it was wind rather than pilot error.

“At approximately 10:20 a.m., a wind flowing south struck the aircraft, causing the nose of the helicopter to lurch off of the dolly and become briefly airborne as Denio tried to stabilize it,” the official report said. The helicopter’s rear point caught beneath the dolly it was originally sitting on, rotating the aircraft and causing it to crash, investigators said.

Denio was injured in the crash but later recovered. Following the crash, he was unable to recall exactly what happened in the accident.

Watch the full video below!

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