Biker Gang Stops at Girl’s Lemonade Stand – But You Won’t Believe Why

Once medical school is over, doctors have to take the Hippocratic Oath at the graduation ceremony. It’s, however, not the same with nurses. Although nurses don’t follow the same oath, they do pledge to save and protect the life of the injured. They solemnly live by the rules to practice their knowledge faithfully.

Indiana nurse Daryn Sturch, was driving State Road 19 near Denver, Colorado, with her daughter and they came across a severe accident involving multiple motorcyclists. It turns out the cyclists were all part of the Milwaukee Iron bikers club of Kokomo, Indiana.

Daryn rushed to help the wounded, who she knew needed immediate medical attention. Thankfully everyone survived. Members of the Milwaukee Iron reached out and personally thanked Daryn but told her if she ever needed anything to give them a call.

A year later, Daryn posted a picture of her daughter’s lemonade stand on social media. Finally, it was a perfect time for the reunion. The Milwaukee Iron made their way to the lemonade stand and Daryn shared this emotional moment on social media.

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The Milwaukee Iron Arrives

The Backstory

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