Pizza Guy Argues with Girlfriend, Drives Away – Then Rescues 6-Yr-Old From Fire

Sometimes events occur in such a strange way that it makes you shake your head in wonder. This is one of those times when, although they are in the middle of a disaster, things happen exactly right for a six-year-old and her family.

5-year-old Nick Bostic decided he needed to drive around to clear his head after having an argument with his girlfriend. So he was out in the car, just driving aimlessly around Lafayette, Indiana, when he came upon a tragedy: a two-story family home was fully engulfed in flames and realized there were people inside.

He actually ran INTO the burning house, trying to find the residents. First he ran into 18-year-old Seionna Barrett and her younger sister coming down the stairs. He helped them find their way outside, but they told him they couldn’t find six-year-old Keylani. Barrett ran back in and found her, carried her outside and handed her off to a first responder.

Watch his heroic actions in the video below!

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