Owner Runs Fast and Saves Dog From Sneaky Thief, Records and Posts It For Everyone to See

Dogs are such a blessing to mankind that most of us would do just anything to have a loving and faithful pet such as these creatures. They have always been known to be man’s best friend because of their warm and affectionate traits that make them such good companions in life.
For instance, what would you feel if someone was trying to steal your beloved dog, right under your nose? A man from Port Elizabeth had this experience with his pet Pitbull and caught the dognapping scum just in time before he could steal the dog away.

The dog thief was seen on tape grabbing the Pitbull by the collar and trying to pull it up off the residence’s gate. The owner, by chance, was present at the scene. Alert of what was happening—he was able to stop the thief just in time. The whole thing was caught on tape and was posted on Facebook to serve as awareness for dog owners, that these kinds of incidents happen in the neighborhood. Owners should always be on guard and keep a close watch for lurking dognappers such as this fellow on the video.

The dog’s owner stated that apparently, he has already encountered this man before, as with the same intention of stealing his dog. According to the owner, the thief was so desperate to get the dog that he even claimed that he owns it, but when asked to prove his claims, he just turned away and took off.

A rescuer and volunteer named Marizanne Ferreira, suggests pet owners microchip their dogs and keep them close at all times. Based on Ferreira, dogs such as Pit bulls are targeted for they are most commonly used in illegal dog-fights, and are the ones most likely to be stolen by dognappers. 

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