Two Women Notice Funny Staircase at Metro and Get Big Surprise by What It Does

Stairs are always better than escalators. We are talking about your health here.

Health first honestly! But, make sure you should climb the stairs instead of taking the escalator. No matter how much emphasis anyone puts on saying this, many people are likely to choose quickness and convenience over spending extra half a minute or two on stairs. Well, what can we say after all? But, use the escalator only if you want to miss out on the fun.

We are not saying this. The stairs itself is using this theory to get people to walk over them. Well, this is no normal and basic stairs here. It is a piano stair. How fun is it to use something as wholesome as this one? I love this so much. I really wish I could walk on something like this too.

Sadly, we don’t have it everywhere. Watch the full video below!

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