Man Drags a Piano Outside During Christmas- But Wait Till He Starts Playing It

Pianists are one of the most talented people ever. They can lighten up a mood and be the life of the party at any time.

One such pianist went viral on the internet with a video of him playing the piano outside a quiet neighborhood in the highlands of Scotland. This man is truly extravagant. He has to be one of the most talented pianists the internet has ever seen. What’s more surprising and mesmerizing is that you least expect him to play a Christmas song on the outdoors so randomly.

However, his random act did not disturb anyone at all. In fact, everyone was very mesmerized and happy by his music. A rendition of I Saw Three Ships is all we need to listen to on a fine Christmas day. The Christmas lights just add up to all the beauty in this performance. His abilities are extremely admirable and we must admit, this pianist is really something.

His music and talent surely got all the admiration and recognition that it deserves.

Watch the full video below!

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