Guy Plays “Africa” on a Piano, and It’s Like Nothing I’ve Heard Before

Toto’s “Africa” is one of the most famous songs from the ’80s. It’s hip beats, and unique musical composition remains immortal even till today. There are hundreds of artists around the world who have brought their renditions of this song. And the choir version is an exceptional and most glorious presentation.

However, a talented pianist Peter Bence also releases his interpretation of the song. And his insane piano strumming skills fit well with his dynamic style of playing. He manages to create a perfect sound using only one instrument and touches the heart of everyone fan of this classic hit. He brings out the 80’s nostalgia back to life. The way this young man uses his fingers to create wondrous music is truly incredible to behold.

That’s why, Peter Bence’s beautiful creation will remain immortal. And his great creativity and soul-touching music will bring you to tears. The way he strums his piano gave me goosebumps. Also, Toto would be proud to look at this man’s unbelievable musical talent. This version is the best one on the internet and people can’t get enough of his melodious tune.

Watch this video down below:

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