Waitress Insults Veteran Living With Brain Injury Pay Attention to Man With Glasses

More than 400,000 people have post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore an individual could experience a wide range of symptoms from denial, anxiety, confusion, and many more.

During these desperate moments, one needs as much help as they can get. In the clip below, a show “What Would You Do” stages a perfect replication as such. An army veteran explains he is suffering from a brain injury in a restaurant. And a waitress working there insults his condition and gets impatient due to the delay. However, no one knows both of them are actors just experimenting.

People around the table start calling out the actress rude and unprofessional behaviors. The crew member soon joins the individuals who defend the man. It makes you want to question yourself. What would you do? Please write down your reaction in the comment section.

Please share the video with your loved ones. Raise them right, so they support someone in necessity.