People Who Kept Their Cool In Bizarre Situations Like No One Else Was Watching

This is one of the best things I have found on the internet. Very inspiring.

This is simply very inspiring because there really aren’t many people who are going to do something like this. I am taken aback in every way possible. Also, the way everyone were so calm while something so devastating took place makes me feel happy about where the world is going as of now.

The smiles on their faces will make you feel comfortable itself. The boy that you see in this picture has just witnessed something devastating and you can clearly also see the accident scene behind him. But, it is all about remaining calm and composed during tough times that makes a person different and patient as compared to those who aren’t the same.

Kudos to everyone who was there. Here are some other pictures who kept the cool.

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  2. Excuse me, I didn’t mean to intrude.
    sleeping near cheettah
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    Before after accident
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    man petting cat
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  9. Nothing to see here, just a rock migrating.
    rock migrating on park
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