If you ever find an envelope in your car, don’t open it-Throw it right away

Scammers don’t discriminate on the basis of age or socioeconomic status, so you never know who they might target next.  You will need a lot of safety measures before you finally get out of the house. You are not safe anywhere. Not inside your house and definitely not in your car.

There are people who use many tactics to get a hold of your car and they tend to mess things up for you.The good old, road accident on disabled, envelop on the car, you never know what you will fall into. But you can avoid such problems by simply being aware of the whole thing as well.

It is really very easy for you to stay safe when you do things the right way. It is never a major problem for you to go ahead and give a big punch on the face of your culprit. Again, never open anything that’s inside your car.

The video explains it all. Watch the full video below!

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