Penguin Swims 5000 Miles Each Year to Visit the Man Who Saved Him

Friends are what makes our life beautiful. Sometimes life gets tough, and people get caught up in our troubles. But a true friend always comes back to us. This incredible story is about a friendship between a man and a penguin!

Every year Jingjing, the Penguin, swims about 5000 miles to his human friend João Pereira de Souza. The Brazilian fisherman found the black-and-white Magellanic penguin on the beach near his home. The penguin was in bad condition, covered in oil, and could barely move. So, João cleaned the penguin up and nursed him back to health with a diet of fish that he caught.

jingjing penguin

The pair became instant best friends! João says that the little guy doesn’t let anybody but him touch it. However, the penguin doesn’t always stay with João. Every year, after it sheds its feathers, Jingjing disappears. Although nobody knows exactly where the bird swims off to, there have been speculations saying that it goes to mate for a couple of months in a penguin colony 5000 miles away. Nevertheless, Jingjing always comes back to his 71-year-old best friend. Watch the video to see their full story below:

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