Poor Dog Has Been Chained to the Same Wall for 8 Yrs. Pay Attention When Rescuers Approach

Dogs are some of the most faithful creatures on the plane. Often regarded as man’s best friends, these incredible creatures have been by our side for ages now. And boy are we glad! We don’t really know what mankind would do without these four-legged angels. Humans have been using dogs for things such as police and army work, therapy, and even aiding the disabled – they can be trained to do almost anything. They also provide you with the best of company. Sadly, not all dogs get the love that they deserve.

Even though they stay with us through the toughest of times, and they don’t give up on us even though almost everyone we know already has – some people tend to see them as nothing more than replaceable pieces of property. There are many homeless dogs in the world and every day many more get abandoned by their so-called family. Some of them end up dying on the streets itself! Lola was one of the unfortunate dogs that got mistreated by her own family.

This poor pit bull was ignored for eight years straight. She was chained to the same wall without any shelter from the harsh weather conditions. However, Lola always managed to wag her tail whenever she saw someone approach her. Despite what she was going through, her sweet nature never changed. She was rescued by AMA Animal Rescue, a New York State 501(C)3, non-profit animal rescue based out of Brooklyn, NY which consists of young women who find loving, forever homes for stray and shelter animals. Lola has already found her forever home and she looks really happy.

Check out her story below!

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