He Left a Puzzle With Treat Inside, See When These Parrots Try to Solve It

Parrots are no doubt an intelligent bird. And, this video proves it. We know they can copy our sentences, mimic our behavior but SOLVE A PUZZLE?? That’s the next level intelligence.


Here is Popeye, a little older looking Sulfur-crested Cockatoo. He usually comes to this man’s house to grab a snack on most afternoons. This wild bird loves to feed apple, but his favorite one is pecking on seeds. 

One day, the man decided to test this wild bird’s skill. So, he covers up some snacks, including some seeds in a puzzle. The first Popeye came in his regular hour, and and in matter of seconds, bam! Puzzle solved. Bam! Treat acquired. 


After that, the man designs a Donkey Cong Styled Puzzle using 3D printing and laser cutting to make the task a little tricky for the parrot. It was interesting to see how Popeye succeeded in his first attempt. He gets all of his seed out of the puzzle board.

The man in the video puts the puzzle every afternoon for Popeye to take a visit. In the final clip, Popeye solved the puzzle within 45 seconds (from the first contact). 

Watch this video. It will surely blow your mind.

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