This hilarious parrot asks the dog to stop barking – He seems VERY annoyed!

We surely know that parrots are very smart and hilarious at the same time. They can even be as witty and sometimes, annoyed as the humans. This adorable parrot proves this right!

This parrot went viral on the internet after his hilarious reaction to a dog barking. Dogs may get a bit annoying with all their barking and mischiefs. The bird was so angry and irritated that he keeps saying, “Stop it!”.

Not only does he asks the dog to stop, he even mutters something gibberish angrily. And, we definitely understand this bird’s frustration. The owner of these two had filmed the parrot’s reaction on several other times and situations and we cannot help but smile to our ears.

Hopefully, this duo will get along in the future! Watch the full video below!

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