Parents Share Brutally Honest Obituary After Losing Their Son To Substance Addiction

There is nothing worse than losing a child. You can lose a child and it can change your whole perspective in life.

These parents had a precious son. Their son was a happy kid and they never thought they’d ever lose him. Sadly, these parents had to lose their son at a very young age to substance abuse. After he passed away, his father had to say something very important to all the parents.

He says, “To the parents of young kids, I beg you, please do not think it can not be your child…Please do not be naive to the point that your child does not or never will use drugs or alcohol,” said William. “Please open your minds and hearts to this epidemic and make sure you always talk to your children and I just have one last question for you…When you take a picture of your child or see your child smiling from ear to ear, do they look as happy as this poor lost soul??? Please, talk to your kids!!!!! I BEG YOU!!!!!!”.

This is truly heartbreaking. Watch the full video below!

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