Entitled Parent Defends Her Children for Getting a Ticket, but Ended Up Paying a Hefty Price…

Entitlement, in other words, Power, it comes with specific responsibilities. However, these privileges come with a price to pay upon its exploitation. Yet, this kind of misuse is inevitable in today’s society. The college scandals, for instance, where higher authorities make a massive donation in exchange for college admissions.

In the video, two cops stop an unregistered vehicle on the side of the road for questioning. The parent comes forward to introduce herself, and as you can guess, she pulls out the big guns. The lady addresses herself as a friend of the mayor. In addition to that, the woman starts threatening the officers with her higher connections. However, she is clueless about the recording from the officers’ dash cams.

The story doesn’t end there; the woman resigns from her office after the footage releases. Well, I think we have come upon a rare moment of justice. Let me know your thoughts on the matter.

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