Shameless Lady Sneaks Up to Her Neighbor’s Door to Steal Their Package, 20 Seconds in She Gets Her Payback

We all, at one point in our lives, got caught stealing something. It may be a pack of chocolate bar from the store or just 1 dollar bill out of daddy’s pocket. Which we now remember in laughter. However, this woman goes to a new level of stealing. And, I’ll tell you, karma wasn’t pretty for her.

This incident got caught on camera when a package thief was found lurking on the doorstep of the house. A moment after this delivery man drops off the parcel; this woman swarmed to the door to pick it up. She pulled over her vehicle and rushed to the package.

But karma exactly knew how to teach her a lesson. While rushing to the car, this thief broke her ankles after a brutal fall. I would’ve felt pity for someone else in this situation. But watching this, I can’t stop laughing. Then her boyfriend comes to pick her up. He somehow manages to take her to the car. But, instead of rushing her to the hospital, he comes back to pick up where she left.

Feast your eyes with this video. And, do tell us in the comment section about your best karma moment. We would love to have a little laugh.

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