Worried Owner Finally Cries Out in Joy When Lost Dog Recognizes Her in an Instant

Last month, someone messaged Lyn Crawford, the owner of Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter, saying she had just lost someone who meant a lot to her.

Crawford said, “Her dog, Daisy, had gotten out of her backyard on June 20 and went missing. She couldn’t find her anywhere. She sent us a picture of the dog, asking that we keep an eye out for Daisy. She was so worried.”

After showing the photo of Daisy to no avail, Crawford began losing hopes of finding her. She explained, “She said she didn’t know because she’d never seen her dog looking so scared. So our volunteer asked Joyce to meet her at the shelter to see if it was her. Joyce left work and went to the shelter.”

“They asked Joyce, ‘Is this your dog?’” Crawford said. “But after Daisy saw her, there was no doubt at all.”The joy of reuniting suddenly mended the broken hearts of both Joyce and Daisy.“ It made our entire day. We’re just thrilled. Happy endings like this just make us so excited,” said Crawford. “Joyce is just so grateful to have Daisy back. It makes all the hard work definitely worth it.” Here is the video of the blissful reunion:

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