Tiny Owl Was Given a New Toy, Then His Reaction Has Caretakers Rushing for the Camera

Different animals and birds tend to symbolize different things. For instance, peacocks are a symbol of pride, while snakes tend to symbolize fertility and renewal in some cultures, while in others they tend to symbolize the Devil. Similarly, owls have different symbolisms too. Some belief it to be a bad omen, while others believe the owl to be a symbol of knowledge and intelligence. They have also been mentioned in various stories and myths, and Harry Potter fans will instantly recognize them!

The owls in Harry Potter are magical beings. Kids who grew up loving the series must have waited for these owls to bring their Hogwarts acceptance letters. If reading Harry Potter wasn’t enough to make you love these feathered friends, the following video might just convince you to grow a soft spot for them. Oakley is a great horned owl. This fluffy little guy had just made a new best friend. True friends do everything together, and Oakley did the same with his new friend.

Oakley was rescued by the Eagle Valley Raptor Center when he was just a baby. Typically, the Center puts several baby owls together so that they can socialize together. But since Oakley was alone, they had to come up with a more unusual and innovative solution. They put a toy owl next to him, and it was a hit! Oakley instantly warmed up to his fluffy companion. The toy owl even played some music and dance. The most surprising bit was that Oakley decided to join in the dance himself!

No matter what you think about owls, you can’t deny that this particular one is as cute as they come! What an adorable baby!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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