Officer Finds Out This Woman Was Shoplifting But What He Did Next Melted My Heart

An act of kindness towards someone can entirely change their life. The act does not even have to be entirely grand for it to make an impact on others.

An officer films a video of a woman who he catches shoplifting in a gas station. This woman does not look pleased. She even looks extremely scared and to some extent stubborn as well. However, instead of arresting her or charging her with any sort of fine, the officer decides to give her some hats and gloves.

The officer saw right through her pain instead of being too professional. In fact, he proved that sometimes it only takes a small act of kindness to reduce crimes as such. The woman promises not to shoplift or return to the store as the officer warns her.

This is one of the most inspiring videos you will ever watch on the internet. Watch the full video below!

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