They Called This Dog a Monster & Tried to Euthanize Him But a Miracle Saved Him

The following video features a heartwarming and inspiring story about a pit bull called Nico. He is a fighter; there is no other way to describe this amazing dog. Around July in 2009, Nico was treated like a monster, dubbed aggressively, and then thrown into a shelter that was planning on euthanizing him. But when animal rescuer Kelly Gibson saw him, Nico’s life changed for the better.

A photo of Nico leaning his head against the wall, looking broken and out of hope, went viral. That’s when Kelly decided to go meet him in person. She saw the truth in just a few minutes. She got him out of the shelter, provided him with the required medical attention he needed, and then transferred him to a caring shelter in Indiana.

The Story of Nico 4-28 screenshot

After just three months, he had a wonderful transformation. He was adopted by Bridget and her family who gave him a second chance at life. Since then, the poor dog has been diagnosed with cancer, but he continues to be surrounded by love and warmth. Watch his incredible story in the video below and let us know your thoughts about it through your comments!

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