Boy And Neighbor’s Dog Share Emotional Reunion After Year Apart

When I was a kid, all I did after school was play with my neighborhood friends. With all the gadgets and video games, kids today have forgotten the joy of playing with friends. Moreover, people don’t even know who lives right next door! But this kid has an exceptional bond with his neighbor. And it isn’t someone you’d expect.

When the Goebel family’s musician neighbor went on tour, she took her dog, Bogart, to another state. As the car drove away, their young son Lennox stood in the yard and cried. Moreover, the Mom even shared that the boy prayed for the pooch’s return. But I’m sure she never expected this reaction from him!

reunion neighbor dog

The Mom makes an excuse for Lennox to come out to the backyard. The camera follows Lennox, and we can see that he has no idea what is going to happen next. And surprise! Bogart is waiting for him. As soon as he sees the white pooch, he excitedly goes and hugs him. And the dog is just as happy, wagging his tail to the fullest. Moreover, this touching reunion ends tears as Lennox cannot believe his best buddy is back. Watch the video below:

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