It’s no wonder that dogs are dubbed “man’s best friend,” and many people consider them to be members of their family. Every now and then, we hear about a dog who saved its human family from a burglar or woke them up when their house caught fire and alerted them to the situation. When people or other dogs approach their dog while they are out for a walk, many owners feel safe because their dog is guarding them.

Mom has her camera with her while enjoying a sunny day at the beach in this heartwarming video. They have a massive dog, a Newfoundland, and their young daughter is swimming in the shallows with them.

Fluffy Dog on water
Though friendly, they can be clumsy and have a strong sense of self-determination. They make wonderful pets and family dogs, as evidenced in the charming video below.

The pup watches as the little girl splashes around in the water with the big dog. However, when the tide engulfs her, the Newfoundland leaps to action. Watch the full video here:

Her parents are lucky to have such a protective brother for their little one. Please SHARE it with your friends and family.