Aggressive Pet Rooster Kills Australian Woman With A Fatal Peck

Pets are an incredible part of many peoples’ lives. They provide warmth, comfort and unlimited fun. What most people won’t assume when getting pets, is their pets killing them someday. While some cat-owners are profusely doubtful of their feline friends, this woman had an unusual pet that killed her.

It was a normal day for this Australian woman in her garden. She went to collect eggs from the chicken coop, completely unaware of what she was getting into. Suddenly, her pet rooster came onto her and punctured a varicose vein with its beak. The elderly woman suffered many other injuries but it was the unstoppable bleeding that caused her death.

This tragic incident caused a stir in the general public. Even the seemingly harmless animals can, sometimes, cause potential danger.

Without a doubt, cats are the number one tripping hazard when it comes to pets causing human death. Even though they are showing us love by rubbing against our legs, it can possibly cause elderly people to trip and fall. Add that to unstoppable bleeding with no one around to help, it is a gone case.

Professor Roger Byard, a forensics expert, shared that another woman also died when a cat scratched her leg.

“Most importantly I’m trying to get elderly people have varicose veins treated with a simple operation because they are especially vulnerable to being broken,” he told The Advertiser.

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