Poor Dog Thinks That His Owner Was Playing With Him, Until He Gets Abandoned

Dogs are very loyal creatures. They are innocent and can give love unconditionally. That is why it is so hard to fathom how people can just abandon pets they spend time with. Some people are just not responsible enough for animal companionship. A simple and decent thing to do for people who can’t keep their pets anymore is to bring and leave them at animal shelters. Stephen Sage Silver witnessed a man and a woman get out of a car and shamelessly abandon their dog at a road near Lake Ming.

Before Silver started filming, the woman went back inside the car while the man tries to walk back to the car as well while hitting the dog. However, his attempts were unsuccessful at first. Sadly, the dog must have thought that the man was only playing with him as he tries to jump on the man excitedly. The owner who seemed annoyed continuously pushes the dog away until finally, he was able to open the car door. The dog tried to climb back inside his owner’s car as well and the man threw him out harshly.

With the dog stunned, the man was able to close the door and drove away and the dog tries to catch up. Silver contacted the Kern County Animal Services after pulling up beside the lonely dog. The KCAS arrived immediately and took the dog. Abandoning animals is a misdemeanor in the state of California. It is illegal to purposely neglect and abandon a companion animal. If caught and convicted, a person can be banned from having any other pets in the future.

Silver uploaded the video on Facebook in an effort to share the dog’s story and also to find the cruel pet owners and give justice to the dog. Watch the video here:

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