Angry Mother-in-law Interrupts Sons Wedding When Bride Says She Loves His ‘flaws’ During Vows

Before a marriage, everyone gets nervous, as this is a crucial decision to make. Therefore, pre-wedding jitters are normal and healthy.

The anxiety revolves around the choice they are making. However, we all get through with it, walk down the aisle, to get married to someone we love. One of the precious moments is reading vows. Now let’s imagine your mother in law crashes the wedding in the midst of this. The clip below manifests one of those horrible situations. A newly bride reads to love her husband’s perfections and flaws.

The groom’s mother loses it, I mean why? Don’t we feel happy when our child finds their soul mate? The woman refuses to leave from the ceremony, blows the whole thing out of proportion. And most important, she ruins the memorable day of these new couples. What was your reaction to the mother’s anger? Do you think it’s valid? Please share your verdict on the video.

Please share the story with your loved ones. Something, not to do on a wedding day.