He Proposes to His Girlfriend in the Most Special Way, Pay Attention to the Screen.

It’s every girl’s fantasy to marry their Prince Charming. You don’t necessarily have to be a prince, but you get the point. All of us have our favorite Disney Princesses, and we’re obsessed with them. But this man took his girlfriend’s Disney obsession to a whole new level.

A man spent six months planning his proposal to his girlfriend. For someone who is a doctor and a huge Sleeping Beauty fan, the man had a perfect idea of how to pop the question. He took his girlfriend to a movie theater that was playing Sleeping Beauty.” But there was something odd about it.

most epic disney proposal

As the movie was playing, it seemed a little different to the woman. The characters didn’t look the same. And the plot was somehow not making sense. And just as the scene where the prince kisses Sleeping Beauty came, there was an odd pause. The prince took out a ring, but instead of giving it to Sleeping Beauty, he threw it away.

Right then, the man caught the ring and kneels on one knee. The woman is startled by all this. She can’t believe what is happening and how to handle it. She pities the people in the theatre for having to watch an odd film that took the man six months to make. But it turns out, the people in the theatre are all in on this too. And when he finally pops the question, the woman, as speechless as she is, says yes.

WATCH the beautiful proposal video below. And bonus footage of what would’ve happened if she’d say no.

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